A Loud Sound at Midnight

Around midnight, Liz and I heard a pretty terrific crash from the back of the house. All over the weekend, with the temperatures rising, snow has begun melting and the crash of melting ice/snow from rooftops has echoed across the neighborhood.

When we peeked out the back door, we saw a sad (and slightly terrifying) sign: our gutter had been ripped off the side of the house due to the massive amount of ice that had built up.

Luckily for us, the gutter kind of caught against the small root above our kitchen door. So it didn’t end up pulling down our newly-installed Internet line, nor did it take down our power line.

It’s actually still attached at one end of the house, hanging right above those lines.

Look at the size of the ice that built up on this thing! I’m amazed it lasted this long.

A task for tomorrow: calling to find someone to handle the gutter repair. Which I’m sure is going to be a fun task, since half the city is probably experiencing something like this.

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