Trim Planning, Continued

More trim planning today, with both Liz and I talking to one another via Zoom and Google Sheets (despite us just being a room apart).

The main task/challenge: determining the least number of boards we need, to satisfy all the trim for the first floor, trying to reduce waste as much as we can. I feel like this is what all our Math Story problems from elementary school were preparing us for, so many years ago.

Around 2:30 PM, I famously said that I thought we only had “30 more minutes” of work left. I was totally, absolutely wrong… and Liz has since reminded me of this more than once.

In addition to determining how many boards are needed for the trim in a given room, we’re also trying to carry this across multiple rooms. If we need 7′ 2″ in the living room, and 4′ 10″… then a 12′ board would actually work to handle that.

A lot of number juggling, and a lot of spreadsheet work. We knew this would take a while, but we didn’t realize it would take all day.

// Edit: this ended up continuing into tomorrow, and took up a good chunk of our Sunday as well. I’m never going to hear the end of that “30 more minutes” comment.

Trim Planning

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