Bird of Peace

Liz and I have decided to move around a little more this week. We tend to work really long hours/days, and we made an effort to walk away from our computers around 5PM. And then go for a walk outside, for maybe 20-30 minutes.

Now, all that said… we sometimes get back home and return to work some more. But the stopping and walking part is our aim to just go out and about more. To move around a little more.

On our walk today, we passed by this very odd sculpture near Nichols Park. Liz, observant as she always is, had seen it before, but I was like “What is that thing?”

What caught me (beyond the fact that it’s an egg), is that the egg is standing on two other eggs. Which seemed a bit weird and wrong.

Back home, I looked it up online and discoverd it’s called Bird of Peace, and was created by local artist Cosmo Campoli.

While I initially viewed the sculpture as odd, I had an unexpectedly quick and visceral feeling of offense, when I found out it had been vandalized several times. I’m still not sure if I like it or not as a work of art, but apparently I’m protective of it?

Of note, Campoli has work with both the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago MCA.

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