The Sight of Trees

On another of our after-work walks, I happened to spot these shadows high up on a nearby building.

With the hours changing, and with there being more daylight… it’s even more motivation to get out and walk, to catch the remaining light of the day.

Today reminded me of how little I truly wander, anymore. And how seldom I simply observe the world around me. I’m caught up in the machinations of my day to day, and the demands of my computer screen… and the pandemic has made that become the main way I interact with the world.

Our walks have been a good thing, and a habit I hope we re-introduce into our lives. While we have retreated from the world this last year, the world still exists. And I’m realizing how much more intention is needed, for us to interact with it.

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  1. Yeah, how true that is on the wandering less. Working from home has cut out my daily commute that would make for easy wander time.

    Matt Maldre Reply

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