A Year of Unhealthy Living Catches Up to Me

So a few things to note here: I started noticing I had some blurry vision a few days ago. And last night, I had a late snack and was then reading in bed. After about 20 minutes or so, as I was reading, I noticed the text began to get blurry.

It was then that I drew the connection between me eating/digesting food and my blurry vision. A few quick Google searches gave me results that were not promising, and seemed to suggest Diabetes.

I was able to get an appointment with my primary care doc today (I called at 8AM, and was able to get in for a 10:30 luckily).

After talking about my symptoms, my doctor reviewed my charts. I had some struggles with high sugar levels about 2 years ago, and was able to get that under control thanks to going onto South Beach and getting some weight off.

I got my finger pricked, so they could do a quick blood test (there was no actual drawing of blood, and whatever they did was a 5-6 minute process). Turns out: my blood sugar levels were definitely high. And my doctor felt this was the main reason I had issues with my vision, after eating.

The term “pre-diabetic” came up, and it was definitely concerning. But I was relieved to hear that this was something I could reverse, by improving my diet and losing weight.

This was, to be honest, a pretty big scare and a pretty big relief, all rolled into one. I went into the appointment thinking I’d be issued a bunch of needles and equipment, and to be dependent on Insulin the rest of my life. Turns out I’m simply headed towards that destination, but with some road left to alter my course.

Liz and I have not been eating well for… well, for a long time. Work has been an all-consuming thing for me, possibly due to the fact that it’s one aspect of my life that I can seemingly exert some control over. And the whole pandemic thing has just weighed heavily on me, more than I probably realize. I think it’s always been there, and I’ve just gotten used to tamping it down.

We spoke a little bit in generalities at the end of the appointment, my doctor and I. And I asked a few questions, like had he seen an uptick in people having these types of heatlh issues around now – a year into the pandemic. He said absolutely, and in addition to health problems there were mental health issues increasing a well.

When he said I wasn’t alone in all this, I started to get choked up a little bit – which is probably an indication that there’s other stuff going on upstairs that I still need to work out.

A nice thing: my doctor said to me that if there was one thing I should take away from our meeting, it’s that “this is totally reversible.” It gave me a great deal of hope and relief. And a determination that I should start paying a lot more attention to food and alcohol choices, to improving my diet and taking off the weight that’s accured over the past year.

Removing some of the physical weight feels liek a good start.


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