Checking Out the Eyes

After meeting with my doctor yesterday about my sudden blurry vision, he asked me to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist to look closer at my eyes. And presumably to factor out anything else that might be causing my vision issues.

I was able to get an appointment the following day (my second lucky break in as many days), and Liz was able to take time off of work to accompany me.

The appointment involved me getting my eyes dilated, so I wouldn’t be able to drive myself home. So Liz dropped me off, and waited in a nearby parking lot for about an hour and a half, and then helped drive me home.

Overall, the appointment was really straightforward and nice. After looking my eyes over, the doctor plopped himself onto one of the chairs in the room and just had a nice 10 minute conversation with me about things.

He told me that my eyes were not damaged at all, which was a good thing. As high blood sugar can cause damages to the eyes and blood vessels. And that Diabetes is the third leading cause of blindness. Another sobering fact to take in.

He said he didn’t see anything else wrong, and concurred with my doctor that it was most likely the high sugar levels that caused my blurry vision. And explained to me some of the technical reasons why higher levels of glucose cause the eyeballs to swell/change.

He also re-iterated the fact that what I was experiencing and where I was at… was totally reversible. And described my symptoms from this weekend as “a warning shot” from my body. But that we had caught things very early.

While checking out of the office, there was this plexi-glass partition between my seats and the woman reviewing my info and helping me set up my next appointment (a year from now).

I looked up, and saw a post-it note that just said “Plexi Glass” with a smiley face next to it. I was puzzled for a moment, and then laughed to myself as it slowly dawned on me why this note was necessary.

I imagined someone (and likely more than one person) had slammed their head into the plexi-glass, not noticing it was there. And then, after another moment or two, I remembered where I was at: the eye doctor’s office, with my pupils dilated for an eye exam). And the note got even funnier.

When I mentioned this to the woman checking me out, she laughed and said most patients got a chuckle out of it. The phrase she used was “like birds flying into a window.”

On the ride home, I thought it was funny that I ended up needing a procedure that blurred my vision so that I could determine what caused my blurred vision.

As we shifted from lower Wacker to Lake Shore Drive, the sun felt more intense to me for that last leg home. As I looked out the car window, the world rushed by in a haze. I closed my eyes, partly out of discomfort and partly out of relief. Despite all the vision issues, I had a clear path ahead.

On getting home, I ended up crawling into bed and crashing pretty hard for a few hours. Lost most of the day, but it was rest I felt I hadn’t gotten over the last few days, and sorely needed.

// Edit:
Two random notes, added here just because I don’t know where else to add them:

1. In describing what happened to my coworkers, my best description was: “Stress-Eating myself towards blindness.” Funny, yet pretty much on the nose.

2. The word “ophthalmologist” is not spelled how you think it should be spelled. I’m fairly certain I’ve given up trying to memorize this spelling, and have relegated it to “I’ll ballpark it, and let Google spell it for me” status.

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