A Return to South Beach

After realizing my terrible diet was impacting my vision, Liz and I decided we needed to revisit our lifestyle and our eating habits.

She took on the task of looking up our old South Beach recipe books, and laying out a full week plus of food to prepare, healthy snacks we could make, and got it all mapped out for us.

While I was sitting at my desk today, she came up in the late morning and dropped this plate off for me. It’s cauliflower with some hummus, along with some turkey rolls (the insides have Muenster cheese and a light coating of peanut butter [with no sugar in it]).

I feel so terribly lucky to have Liz, helping look after me, particularly these last few days. I think it’s fair to say I’ve been a hot mess, and she’s been helping prop me up.

A Year of Unhealthy Living Catches Up to Me

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