Sidney Gish: Persephone

Happened across Sidney Gish via Spotify, and got lost in her songs for a solid week. I was listening to her music in the background for a while, and just kept revisiting and playing her albums in a loop.

The first song that caught me was “Persephone.” But soon after that, there were others that started standing out. And then another, and another. I thought I preferred her first album to her second, but after a few listens found myself now favoring her second.

Needless to say, I’ve been listening to her a lot – both albums, actually.

I’ve called Persephone
by the name purse-a-phone
Greek goddesses aren’t what
you grab when leaving home

Doing some searching for live videos of her performing, I was surprised/delighted to see her do a lot of audio looping. I was immediately reminded of songs I really liked by Imogen Heap and Josie Charlwood.

I think now, looking back, I’d be hard pressed to find a favorite song of hers I have. Because it keeps changing. Expecting I’ll share at least another one or two songs of hers, soon.

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