A Trip to Abt Electronics, Discovering Patel Brothers

As Liz and I are remodeling our kitchen, one of the things we need to decide on is appliances. We went back to Abt this weekend, looking over different types of refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers.

While we’re still in the planning phases of things, we need to figure out what we want, and what kind of space we’ll need for these items.

We left the house around 8:45 AM, hoping to try to beat the weekend crowds. We made it out faster than we expected (I wonder how much traffic played an issue into this, in pre-pandemic times).

A reminder outside that masks are required, inside.

The first hour or so was fine. But it’s been a while since I’ve been around people. As the crowds started to grow, I began to get more and more uncomfortable – particularly around the refrigerator and stove areas on the first floor.

In my head, I called it “the infection zone.”

Everyone had masks on, but there was just… a lot of “everyone” to be had.

On our way home, we decided to stop to do some grocery shopping for a few remaining items we couldn’t find. Tamarind paste was on the list, and we happened to see a store called Patel Brothers that we thought might have some in stock.

The options were pretty overwhelming. But the produce was exceptional, and we ended up getting some tamarind concentrate (not the paste).

While waiting to check out, I had a chuckle seeing that you could also buy cricket bats here. I wondered briefly how many of these they actually sell. And the answer I eventually came to was: enough to justify having a display of cricket bats, right by the checkout lanes.

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