An Absence of Creation

I’ve been thinking about writing lately. I used to write a lot, but that’s largely fallen to the wayside. Code has become more of a daily thing, and writing all the less. I’ve traded stanzas for functions.

To a larger part though, it’s not really the absence of writing for me. It’s more about the absence of creation. Of making something new or different. That’s been gone from my life for a while now.

I think there are a lot of things in flux and turmoil at the moment. And it’s difficult to carve out some time and space in the midst of all that. But as I think this out, as I write these thoughts out… this is just a poor excuse. In a lot of ways, the world will never be at a state where there is not flux or turmoil. To expect that kind of environment in order to create is just unrealistic.

I remember back in graduate school, I would wish for a magical stretch of hours to write. No papers to write, no courses to teach, no errands to run. Just a solid block of hours to sit down and “create.”

Art as inspiration is dangerous, when it’s decoupled from the notion that art is work. As so many other teachers and writers helped me learn: it’s about putting in the time, and not just waiting for the right moment.

I haven’t made anything, written anything, created anything for a good while. Feels like perhaps now is the time.

[photo via Jan Kahánek]

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