Covid Vaccine: Shot #2

Got my second vaccine shot today! After spending a very long while standing in a very long line for my first shot, I made the appointment for my second earlier in the morning.

All told, this trip and shot was much, much faster. And closer to what Liz experienced on her first trip.

When I arrived, there were maybe only three other people standing in front of the main doors. By the time I arrived, I stood in place for maybe a minute or two, and was then inside. There were snaking, roped off areas like before… but those areas seemed slightly longer/larger today.

But we moved at a really surprising pace. And I eventually moved along, got my shot, and was in/out within just about an hour.

On the way to my car, I couldn’t help but snap a photo of the line that began to form. This was closer to noon, and still wasn’t too bad all told. I expect the line gets longer, the later it gets in the day, but I doubt it ever gets as bad as when it first opened.

I had Liz take this photo, just so I had an image of the occasion. Not a great image, but it’s something I know I’m going to be looking back on, for many years to come.

Covid Vaccine: Shot #1
The Appointment
The Nearness of the Vaccine

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