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I’ve been looking into Tone.js, and wondering how I could re-create my old pi10k Flash experiment, now that Flash is no longer supported. While searching around for Web Audio links, I happened across Chrome Music Lab.

There’s a lot of neat stuff to explore, including the ability to interact with others, and a little bit of AI to boot. The look and feel of the Shared Piano definitely reminds me of the crisp and clean vectors from Flash experiments of yore.

I’ve been starting/stopping a lot of projects lately. One thing that interests me is trying to pick up again with web-based (non-Flash projects). Partly as a hobby, partly as a way to try to become a better developer.

I really do enjoy seeing experiments on the web. With the advent of social media, these types of projects are nice reminders that there can still be wonder online. That we can still explore and marvel at possibilities and combinations that don’t have anything to do with commerce. They feel like reminders not of the page or the site being viewed, but of the creators and the viewers. The people behind all those many screens.

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  1. I feel the same way about Arts & Culture Experiments.

    Matt Maldre Reply

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