High Speed Bike Tour of Paris Catacombs

One of the first ever first-person perspective videos I posted on here was from the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo downhill race. Since then, I think I’ve slowly posted a few more of these helmet cam videos. Enough that it warrants its own tag on here.

In addition to the POV video, I’ve never really seen this aspect of Paris. I knew there were “catacombs” and parts of the city underground riddled with skulls and bones. But never really understood that there were these narrow, cramped passageways.

But I guess at least some people knew.

The closest I’ve come to “Paris underground” is visiting the chalk caves at Taittinger. Which isn’t quite the same thing.

One of these days, it would be lovely to get back to Paris. And perhaps finally explore the official catacombs. Sans bike, of course.

[via MetaFilter]

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