A Surreal, Existential Moment in the Movie Section at Menard’s

Liz and I were running an errand in the suburbs, and had stopped at Menard’s to pick up some garden supplies.

As we passed by a small display of movies, it gradually dawned on me that I… didn’t recognize anything at all for sale.

The longer I stared, the more I felt like I had found myself in some other dimension. These may all be “Blockbuster movies,” but they were all just alien to me.

I immediately had a flashback to 2002, when I encountered a movie poster I’d never seen before.

Ethan Hawke had a movie called “Adopt a Highway?” There was a movie called “The man who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot?” And that movie starred Sam Elliott?

Liz and I mostly just watch Netflix or Amazon Prime videos. We have a subscription to HBO, but tend to just watch the main movies that appear there.

We don’t see a lot of commercials, and very little of “regular” TV. Were these all really popular movies? Did they pass us by somehow?

I could maybe think that they didn’t do well at the box office. But these movie titles are just bringing about a huge blank space in my head. This really weirded me out a lot.

So now that I’m back home, of course I had to look up these movie trailers:

Ok, I thought watching those would make me feel better. But seeing these brings about the whole “I have no idea what this is” feeling tenfold. I’m even more weirded out now.

A Weird Sci-Fi Moment

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