Down Fourteen

Ever since I got that scare where I had vision issues, I’ve been aiming to try to lose weight. Eating better/healthier is one step, but weight loss also helps reduce blood sugar levels.

At the doctor’s office, I clocked in around 207. That said, I was fully clothed and had shoes on. While I’ve tried to remember to weigh myself, I’ve only done so maybe 3 times since then. Mostly, it’s been in between that space where I finish brushing my teeth in the mornings, and right before I step into the shower.

The last check: 194. Which is still pretty high up there for me, but nice in that it’s lower than what it was. I don’t really have a set goal per se, just the aim to lose more weight to help lower my overall blood sugar levels. My hope is that over time, as we continue to try to eat better, the weight will slowly shed.

[photo via i yunmai]

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