A Rare Morning Commute

This morning was an odd morning. Because there was street sweeping, I had to move the car before the start of the work day. And because everyone else that lives nearby had the same idea, there were precious few parking spaces near the house.

I ended up having to drive about 2-3 blocks away, hoofing it back home. So in a ways, I kind of had a commute to work today. Despite it just being me leaving my house, to then turn around and immediately walk right back to my house.

On the way home, I spotted this large couch just sitting on the sidewalk. It seemed oddly placed, in that it wasn’t near other trash bins or set with the expectation that it would be retrieved. I looked kind of abandoned.

The absent cushions added to the whole abandoned feel, and I stopped and stared for a good while. Weirdly, the draw I had to this couch was that it felt like you could almost imagine/see groups of college kids walking by, and stopping for a quick sit or photo.

Nearby, about 4 feet away, I saw this. I’m all for some good graffiti, but I’m very much at a loss for what’s going on here. Random Google searches turn up very little.

All I could come up with was imaginary questions from someone’s grumpy/frustrated dad. And the graffiti was just a response to those questions.

How many times have I told you to clean your room?
Remind me again what your curfew is?

Seven, Dad.

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