Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1

With our travel done yesterday afternoon/evening, Liz and I spent the day today working remotely. Which… when you’re already working remotely, where that happens seems like a moot point.

Anne and the kids were making their way to the lakehouse, but weren’t slated to arrive until later. So the three of us went out to dinner at Mylan’s Waterfront Grille, downtown.

While Liz and I have ventured out for a meal outside, this was our first ever meal inside a restaurant.

A small thing. And also a big thing.

After dinner, we walked about a half block to Fetch Brewing.

I ended up trying a partial flight. While I tend to prefer hoppier beers, I went with a lot of the fruit-based options: L to R it’s Jinkies (Blood Orange IPA), Pleasure Pit (Apricot), Made it to Hate It (Red Ale), and Coconut Pineapple Ale.

Relaxing at a bar, sans masks!

A partial collection of their Mug Club.

Weekend in Whitehall, Day 1 (2019)
Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1 (2018)

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