Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 2

After a late breakfast, several of us went to go spend some time helping Kirt work on the new boat he acquired (and is restoring).

I was running a few errands with Anne, picking up tools/supplies. When we arrived, Liz was getting situated up top (inside), and getting an orbital sander powered up.

Not having done much sanding of my own, I was outside on a Bakers scaffold with Anne. The two of us were sanding down the stern (not sure if that’s the proper term), making things ready for the boat’s new name.

Lookin’ up.

Inside, and under the tarp. There was more sanding to do, with Liz and Anne working either side.

I got a small bit of work done, but didn’t feel very useful. The area I was in was pretty cramped, and I had to contort myself a lot to get near the area where I was working.

The back, after Kirt did a few more passes and made things more event/smooth.

Anne, capturing Kirt’s sanding and repair work (replacing several of the screws). Before next week, he’s going to be putting on about 10 layers of varnish back here.

Fast forward later in the evening. A few of us sat down to play Monopoly, and it ended with a pretty massive standoff between me and Jackson.

I had only a handful of properties, but got housing early on. I had hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk, and in the properties right before Free Parking. For him, he had a gauntlet in the first row, that I kept hitting each turn.

We played where, if you landed on Free Parking, you got the momey in the “pot” at the center of the board. All bills and fines got thrown in there. That pot got larger and larger over time, to the point where there were several thousand dollars available.

Despite Jackson owning a large number of properties, he ended up having to slowly mortgage them to pay off the times he landed on my properties. For the last portion of the game, it was 50/50 on who would win. I had high-price, scattered properties but he had a connected line of lower-price properties.

Eventually, he had to mortgage everything except the properties with houses. And then this happened:

Jackson got a “Chance” card, and it was the “Advance token to Boardwalk.” Where I had a hotel.

This pretty much sealed the deal, and we finally ended the game around 1:00 AM.

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