I’m a big fan of Holedown (a fantastic game worth grabbing, if you don’t already have it). A few weeks ago, I decided to look up the developer, to see what other games that had made.

I ended up landing on rymdkapsel, a very a-typical game involving expansion and defense.

Unlike most mobile games, where you can start/stop at your leisure… each game of rymdkapsel actually lasts a decently long time. On average, I’d say a single games goes for about 45+ minutes.

You start the game with two minions, and your goal is to slowly expand to reach a series of monoliths. You can build a variety of room types, each one requiring a set amount of materials, but each one also ultimately producing one of those necessary materials.

As the game progresses, enemies arrive at set intervals, intent on destroying your minions and your work. There’s an ebb/flow to the game, where you try to build out to reach all the monoliths, but also shore up your defenses to protect against attacks.

I’ve found myself returning a lot to this game, and interestingly enough… the long play time is the draw. Which is a bit unusual to me, but in a surprising/pleasing way.

I first played this game on my phone, but it definitely feels better playing it on an iPad. This is not your average “pick up and play” game, as each game does last a good while.


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