A little bird that had fallen out of his nest, and was just hanging out in our backyard. I was about to mow the lawn when Liz spotted the little guy, so we held off.

I ended up mowing a few hours later, in the late afternoon, after we noticed he had gone (and hopefully flown) away.

Brutal heat again today. Liz, working on setting more brick.

For my part, I spent a lot more time in the car: I returned a lot of the compost I had picked up last weekend (it was the wrong stuff), and picking up some newer bags at Home Depot.

While Liz was toiling in the sun, I was wading through traffic (but sitting in an air-conditioned car).

On the list: several bags of Moonure. After picking up all these bags and loading them in the car, I had to fight the urge to text Liz that I was “finally done with all this shit.”

On seeing these bags, I was depressed to learn that the tagline I coined a decade ago was apparently already taken.

Ben, Justin, Chris and I had the idea for a poop-tracking app that we were going to call “Log it.” And the tagline I had come up with was: “The #1 #2 app.”

To make matters worse, I had forgotten I learned this back in 2017. Ah well, what might have been.

The Best Tagline
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