Birthday Party for Jake

Over the weekend, I attended Jake’s birthday party up on the North side. Liz was out of town for the weekend, and so I ended up going on my own.

I ended up arriving between waves, as one set of folks were leaving and another showed up. We had a ton of rain (and some tornado sirens) earlier in the day, but by the time the party was underway… there wasn’t much more than the occasional slight drizzle.

Got to meet a ton of folks, and had some very enjoyable conversations. I think a part of me lit up, having been absent from social situations for so long. This too, was a topic for many of us.

I’m trying to keep track, but I think this may be my third “social” event, involving people outside of immediate family. I’m not sure if the feeling I had could be descrived as “normal,” but it was leaning that direction. Regardless, it felt nice to gather with others, and for all of us to raise a glass to celebrate our friendship wiht Jake.

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