Christiana Lakehouse, Day 1

Liz and I left work a little early, and drove up on Friday to the Christiana Lakehouse. I say early, but what I mean is that we stopped working at 4PM with the intention of hitting the road, but probably didn’t actually get moving until closer to 5:30 PM.

But it’s a long, holiday weekend. And so we had a bit of time to spare, I guess. We arrived about 2.5 hours later, and got settled in while it was still light out. With the time change crossing over to IN/MI, I always forget how long the days are… and how long the sunlight lingers, in the summer.

Later in the evening: a lot of folks (family and neighbors), gathered around the fire pit in back.

Easter Weekend at the Lakehouse: Day 1 (2018)
Easter Weekend at the Christiana Lake House, Day 1 (2017)
Visiting the Christiana Lake House, Day 1 (2015)

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