Mulch and Mow

Big day outside for us, now that the weekend is here. I tend to wake up really early anymore, so I planned on heading out to go get a round of mulch from the nearby Lowe’s in the AM.

I got to Lowe’s around 7:30 AM. The top bags of mulch were… here for a while it seems. The garden center was not yet officially open, so I had to load up 10 bags, and push them through the store to the checkout lanes.

Definitely got my exercise in this morning.

Liz was weeding the parkway, and after finishing… got a layer of mulch put down.

Not for the future: we used six bags of mulch for the parkway.

Afterwards, she turned her attention to mulching the new beds we created in the backyard.

After I mowed the lawn – this was my next task: dig out an old portion of tree root, in a spot where Liz wanted to put some plants.

Hard to believe this is still here, after over seven years.

Did a bit of digging, and a lot of cutting with a sawzall.

After I got the tree root cleared out, I went for another run of mulch bags at Lowe’s. After unloading, I walked into the backyard to see that Liz was taking a breather.

This is a pose I know all too well. It means that Liz is close to tapping out, after really pushing and exhausting herself.

We had a late lunch, and circa 3PM… there was a slight drizzle, indicating the start of rain that would continue on for the rest of the evening, off and on again. We opted to call it, as we’d both put in a pretty decent and long day.

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