Trimming Limbs

I think it’s quaint how I used to think about glove repair. While I think a lot of the issue has to do with the quality of the Home Depot gloves I purchase, I’m able to get a few more weeks out of each pair, thanks to duct tape.

That said, this pair was pretty much on its last legs today. With each new pair of gloves I don, I still do think about the fable East of the Sun, West of the Moon – and the notion of wearing down a set number iron shoes.

Today, I finally got around to using an extendable pole saw/trimmer I got from Home Depot. I’ve been meaning to trim some of the branches hanging over onto our property, from both the North and South of our property lines.

I’ve chatted with everyone, and let them know my plans. Truth be told, once I started… it was a little difficult to stop. I did’t end up using the saw part at all, as the pruning hinge/mechanism was all I really needed.

On a few leaves, I noticed these small dots. At first, I thought they were seeds.

On closer inspection: very much not seeds. Maybe eggs?

While I first worried they were an infestation of some kind, it turns out these were galls.

From my untrained eye, these seemed like Hackberry Nipple Galls. And overall, they just seem like a natural process (with noting really to be done about them).

Still a bit unnerving to see. But at least they’re not on my property (yet).

Another Pair of Gloves Down

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