I’ve been watching TV off and on, during my lunch breaks. And recently, I finished up the Sopranos (and feel like I’ve caught up with the rest of the world in a ways).

Looking for something new, I decided to start watching Ozark, with Jason Bateman. I have to say – after just two episodes, I’m fully hooked. And very impressed at both Bateman’s character, acting, and directorial prowess.

I really like the writing for this show so far, and the pacing of the episodes is superb. Things really move along quickly, much faster than I would have anticipated.

While other shows might milk a particular aspect or situation, I’m finding that Ozark tends to address the elephant in the room head-on… leaving the viewer to wonder “Well if they dealt with THAT thing, what’s happening next?”

There are a lot of similarities to Breaking Bad here, but the Marty Byrde character is different enough that I’m finding myself drawn in. The most compelling “action” scenes so far to me are the ones where Byrde is talking his way through/around a situation that normally would call for a firearm.

Watching “Ozark,” storylines don’t feel drawn out to me. Conflict is brought to a head much, much earlier than I would have expected – and that to me feels like a huge draw of this show. Looking forward to seeing how things play out, and wishing I would have started this show a bit earlier.

Watching the Sopranos for the First Time

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