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It was a lazy Saturday for us today, and I ended up with an itch to get some new board games for us to play. Liz and I have a very small collection of games, and I’ve gotten a little tired of the ones we have.

So I venture out to our nearby toy store (Toys et Cetera), and spent a good while browsing their wares.

I got to talk with several of the employees there, and got some good recommendations. I ended up walking away with two new games.

The first game was Onitama (disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate Link), which had some slight degree of complexity… but struck me as something that could be replayed a lot, with a lot of variation.

A TL;DR version of the rules: there are five movement cards. Once you move, the card you used goes into a queue, and you replace it with the card your opponent played, previously.

After a few rounds, I started to grok how to “plan” ahead in this game. The pieces and game design are lovely. The Eastern voice/affectation grates on me a bit, but overall it feels like a game we can replay a good deal.

The second game I got was a bit more tactile: Genius Square (disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate Link).

This is a bit like competitive Tetris, and each “game” takes maybe 30-60 seconds. You roll the dice to determine where to place the “blocker” pieces. And both players put the blockers down in the same spots, on their boards.

Then, it’s a race to see who can place all their pieces on the board, around all the blocker pieces. Apparently, there are some 60,000 possible variations with this setup… and it’s a very fast and fast-paced game.

In hindsight, I think this would be ideal if we were playing with some younger kids. It’s fun enough for the two of us, but the quickness of each game makes it difficult to play for an extended period of time.

It’s fun, but super fast/quick.

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