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A while back, when removing the tile from our fireplace, Liz discovered some interesting designs underneath the tile. We also learned that the two medallions we found matched the style of medallions found on the fireplace in the house next door (both houses were built around the same time).

I came across Brick of Chicago, and spoke with the site owner Will… asking a few questions trying to identify the neighbor’s bricks from an old photo. Will was extremely generous with his advice and time, and guided me to talk to the point over at Bricks Incorporated.

I’ve corresponded with a lot of folks there, and we had a post-work meeting to speak with someone to answer a lot of our questions.

Bricks Inc is pretty close to Hyde Park, and only a 10-15 minute drive from where we live. It’s a little tucked away on Kedzie, just north of 55.

We came here over a weekend, but only the main brickyard was open. While we got to see some example bricks, we ended up scheduling an appointment when the actual showroom was open (and when Sales folks were around).

The interior had a lot of brick displays. Each of these looked to be incredibly heavy. I can’t imagine what the total weight of all the displays might be.

Liz, checking out some of the finishes close up.

We met with Luke, who was incredibly patient and helpful regarding all our questions. While they handle all the material, we’re ultimately going to be tracking down a mason to do the actual work. But our first step is in identifying what type/style of brick we want to use, for our fireplace.

We were able to take several samples home with us, and are narrowing down our options. Luke gave us a lot of his time and guidance, despite the fact that we were (I would imagine) a very small customer, compared to the larger clients and jobs he typically works. He was also incredibly helpful in terms of pricing, and recommendations to keep our costs down.

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