Katie and Tim’s Wedding

Katie and Tim held their wedding in Valpo, at Julie and Bob’s house. There was a ton of stuff set up all across the grounds, and the place was abuzz with activity when we arrived.

Several spots were set up as a spot to just relax and visit.

Guests were encouraged to grab a drink before the ceremony began (and to bring their drinks to the ceremony itself).

The arbor that Tim built (with a little help from Bob). It struck me that we both were in the process of building arbors (though I suspect ours has taken much, much longer).

Exchanging vows.

A closer shot of the bride and groom.

An interesting bit of history/trivia: Katie and Tim got married as kids, as part of a play that Tim’s sister had devised. And they actually captured it on video:

Tim’s father, Ray, was the officiant who did the marriage all those years ago. He was also the one who officiated last year (when they officially tied the knot). And he was the officiant today, when Tim and Katie were married in front of all their family and friends.

Ray is in the unique position to have married Katie and Tim not once, not twice, but thrice. Which seems like a very special and lucky thing, if you ask me.

A discovery: some of our old doors were used, as part of the scenery for the ceremony.

A quiet moment after the ceremony, with the photographer. The light here was absolutely magical, and I wish this photo did it justice.

I got to chat a bit more with Branden and Natalie around this time. And it was Natalie who noticed what was happening in the woods, just slightly hidden from view. I can’t wait to see the photos from this particular moment.

First dance.

Bob and Katie.

Looking in from the edge of the tent.

The siblings, gathering for a group hug.

Late night dancing.

Julie’s Birthday in Valpo
Congrulations, Katie and Tim!

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