My Fall Plans vs. The Delta Variant

There’s been a meme going on in Twitter, involving a comparison between two images: My Fall Plans vs. The Delta Variant.

I don’t normally join in on this stuff, but inspiration struck. I’ve been thinking of our upcoming trip to Scotland, and immediately what came to mind from a pop culture reference was Sean Connery.

So here’s a bit of Photoshop that I’m more proud of than I care to admit:

For those not familiar with the above images, they come from two different Sean Connery movies: Highlander and Zardoz. While I’ve seen Highlander once or twice, I really only know of Zardoz through references made by others. And, truth be told, from this image of Connery in the thigh-high boots. It’s really all I know of that movie.

With Scotland on the horizon… this seemed apropros. I think I made this image as a means to ward off my worries, for fear that our Scotland trip won’t work out. I really do have fall plans, and I really do hope the Delta Variant stays at bay.


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