Itinerary Work

Spent an inordinate amount of time today on the computer, doing itinerary work for our trip to Scotland. Lots of stitching details together, lots of codes and addresses and map links to track down.

It’s amazing to think that despite all the details I’ve got, we still don’t have a full itinerary put together yet. I’m not overly concerned, but planning a vacation is something I have not done or practiced in a very, very long time.

Honestly, there’s a part of me that is less concerned about “all the things,” and will be content to just be. I’ll be happy to take in a new country, a new landscape, a new culture, and just be somewhere other than my room… pecking away at a keyboard, staring into a monitor.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually do quite enjoy pecking away at a keyboard, and staring into a monitor. But I could use some time away (both Liz and I could use some time away), and in the most literal sense: unplug for a while.

With a bit more of the particulars settled, today was a good chunk of work done. Filling in the gaps will hopefully be less of a slog, and more enjoyable.

[photo via Dariusz Sankowski]

The Anticipation of Travel: Studying vs. Excitement

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