Parkway Damage

Like us, our neighbor is working on their house next door… and today, they had a big concrete truck come by for their basement. Unfortunately, they decided to roll into the driveway and ended up rolling right over a ton of our plants in the parkway.

It may be a little easier to see here: there’s no way they ended up here without just bulldozing over things.

The aftermath, after the cement workers left.

Clear tire tracks right in the middle of things.

We’ve had issues in the past where workers have clipped some plants here and there. But nothing to date has been so egregious and so damaging. They were like a full 3 feet into the parkway, as they pulled into the driveway.

We’re talking with our neighbor, to get compensated for this. These were not your run of the mill Home Depot garden store plants. A lot of these were speciality plants from nurseries, and cost a decent amount of money.

It’s still sad to see all this happen. The unfortunate thing that Liz pointed out: given how late it is in the year, there’s no way to go and “replace” these. We have to either live with the few plants that end up surviving, or just deal with a destroyed patch until the Sprint.

We really need some kind of large bouldar, to prevent anyone from driving up on our side of the parkway.

We’ve done a lot of work here over the years (and Liz, being the primary worker). I invite you to check out the parkway tag, and also revisit the first time we cleared the space… and the day we installed a brick path.

Installing a Brick Path Along the Parkway
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