Left Left Left Left

While in Scotland, we’re planning on renting a car to get around. I’m aiming to be the primary driver, and it’s going to be quite the adventure (this being my first time driving across the pond).

Any tips or suggestions? I expect the first few days will be me muttering to myself “Left Left Left Left” over and again.

To help prepare, I have this note in my to-do list in Omnifocus:

Watch some driving videos and get used to Opposite World

I actually found this video pretty helpful, particularly with navigating roundabouts:

I’ve only encountered a handful of roundabouts in the States: a few cropped up near my house in Indianapolis a long while ago I think. And I know of a few near Valparaiso that I’ve navigated.

Should be an exciting time. I suspect once I get comfortable with driving in the UK, it’ll just be about time for us to come back home. And I wonder by then if I’ll need to be muttering “Right Right Right Right” to myself.

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