Attempted Drive Repair

A very long lost task I finally got around to today: trying to see if I can resurrect a portable hard drive from Bob.

The good news: we backed up a lot of his files prior to this drive being dropped/damaged.

The bad news: the drive powers on, but has some clicking. Yeah…

I’m not much of a hardware guy, but offered to try to see what I could do. I ended up finding a nice video walkthrough on how to get this drive into a docking station as a kind of hail mary attempt:

I held off doing this for a long time because I was worried I’d damage the drive. That said, the drive is pretty much non-usable for now, so it’s not like I could do that much more damage.

Was able to pop the lid off.

Peeled back the foil and removed the controller.

And with the drive relocated and plugged in. Sadly, this didn’t really work… but worth a shot, since the docking station was only like 10 bucks. Ah well, swing and a miss.

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