I Might Miss Those Moped Lessons

Every now and again, I get email meant for some other person named Felix Jung. It’s started to happen more and more, these last few years.

Normally, I try to just ignore these emails. They’re like little slivers of someone else’s life, and it feels like an intrusion to look too closely. In some instances, if I think I can help, I’ll send a message back in an attempt to explain that the Felix Jung they want is not the Felix Jung they contacted.

The reason for all these emails? It’s usually because of how Google treats special characters in an email address. I’ve seen message come in about bank statements and ISP setups, and it makes me ache to think that some important thing is getting missed… but if I were to try to get involved, I think it would complicate things immensely.

So I just have to sit back and leave well enough alone.

Today, I got this message in my Inbox. Roughly translated:

Important message: Remember that Førerkortsentralen AS Avd. Sotra must confirm the booking in order for it to be valid. You will receive confirmation by email and TABSelev.no. Log in with your mobile number and the same password that you use to order at the traffic school.

It appears that another Felix Jung somewhere signed up for… motorcycle lessons? It techincally says “Moped course” so I’m not 100%. But there won’t be any kind of confirmation because the actual Felix Jung taking this course isn’t me, and they never received this email.

The From: address is a no-reply email, so no luck there. Usually my go-to is my saved Google Translate reply, but it just doesn’t look like it’ll work here.

Sorry Felix. I hope you still get to take your course.

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