Scotland, Day 1: Driving to Glasgow, Dinner at The Butchershop

Our flight left Chicago at 7:30 PM, with us arriving in Iceland around 6:40 AM. We had an hour layover, and then got on another plane from Iceland to Scotland.

We arrived in Scotland around 10:50 AM, bleary-eyed and trudging along through customs. Saw this small reminder that we still had a small gamble coming up: as part of the travel requirements for Covid, vaccinated visitors to Scotland still need to take a test on Day 2.

If we test positive, or if they detemrine we’ve come in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid… Liz and I would then need to quarantine for 10 days.

Somehow, Glen Goyne knew that Liz was on her way.

Our rental car for the next two weeks: it was a 20 minute drive from the airport to our B&B, but it was my first time driving overseas. I kept telling myself “Left Left Left Left” over and over, to try to remind myself to stay in the left lane.

Luckily, happily, we got to our destination without too much trouble. I did go through several roundabouts, right off the bat… so it was a trial by fire experience, for sure.

While Liz took a big nap, I decided to wander around our B&B (we stayed at Alamo Guest House). Not 5 minutes into my first walk on my first day in Scotland, I spotted a Just Eat sign. Nice.

I ended up also taking a power nap later in the day. Late in the evening, we walked a short distance to The Butchershop for dinner.

Just Eat Takeaway

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