Scotland, Day 3: Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow Cathedral, Tasting at Glen Goyne Distillery, Dinner at Stravaigin

A bit of an impromptu decision: after breakfast this morning, we realized we were very close to the Glasgow Necropolis… and decided to wander around.

If there was any structure on the grounds here where there were vampires sleeping inside, it would be this structure.

It was a bit unsettling to see the ornate grate removed from this door. But even more unsettling was the question of whether the grate was broken in an attempt to enter or leave.

mors janua vitae: Death, the gate to Life.

The things which are seen are temporal but the things which are not seen are eternal

The more we walked, the more we realized just how much ground the Necropolis covered.

We were also lucky to get in to see Glasgow Cathedral, shortly before it closed for the afternoon.

At Glen Goyne Distillery, whose Legacy Series (Chapter 1) is one of Liz’s favorites.

Each bottle represents a single year. What I noticed was the color change, as the years progressed. What I missed was the volume of alcohol that evaporates, year to year (also referred to as “the angels’ share”).

Liz, who was really excited for this tasting.

Due to the very strict laws Scotland has on drinking and driving, I ended up the designated driver. This would be a thing that would recur for us during our trip, with me opting to just nose/sip and save my drams for later… as I was the driver.

On the top floor, at Stravaigin for dinner.

I do have to say: my burger was exceptionally tasty.

As was the curry that Liz got. Pub food, but really, really delicious pub food.

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