Scotland, Day 5: Bunnahabhain Distillery, Lagavulin Distillery, Dinner at Islay House

The mosquitoes around here are not messing around.

Hidden door.

My first time navigating the narrow roads on Islay:

Approaching Bunnahabhain Distillery.

Our guide told us about how, in days past, they’d ring a bell and everyone would gather to take a dram to start the day.

Eventually though, other people outside of the distillery workers caught wind of this. And eventually the mailman and other delivery folks would time their routes to show up, and join in on the daily dram. Eventually, this ritual ended – but made for a great story.

This tasting was one of the most memorable ones of our whole trip. Many (if not all) of the casks in this particular warehouse were “experimental,” and the whole tasting process/group was friendly and fun and really enjoyable.

Outside Lagavulin. Prior to this trip, Lagavulin was one of my favorites. I’ve since found myself moving away from the peat/smoke and gravitating more towards the sherry.

Liz, doing some driving for the first time in Scotland.

The odd things that carry over, from the USA.

Our first night on Islay… we arrived late in the night (and kinda got lost trying to find the actual entrance to Islay House). That said, I wanted to capture how amazing the driveway/approach is:

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