Scotland, Day 6: Bowmore Distillery, Bruichladdich Distillery, Isle of Jura, Jura Distillery

Early visit to Bowmore Distillery.

Stopping a bit outside of Bowmore, looking back at the town.

Outside Bruichladdich Distillery, where there was a line outside for the shop. We waited a good while here to get in.

We waited so long, in fact, that we were at risk of missing our ferry to Jura (it’s a short distance, but we wanted to get over to the island for as much of the day as possible). I really hauled on the drive from Bruichladdich to Port Askaig – and just floored it on the straightaways (where it was just a single lane, and I could clearly see no one else was around).

We arrived with (and I kid you not) maybe 2 minutes to spare. There was one other car that arrived after us, and then we were off.

Outside Jura Distillery, in Craighouse (the very small and charming capital of Jura).

Wandering around the docks after lunch, killing some time.

This small bridge was so small/narrow, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to drive my car through at first.

After visiting the distillery, we decided to just keep driving around. So we took the main (only?) road past Craighouse and drove further along the island – up to Lagg.

It was a lovely drive along the coast. And we ended up turning around, to catch the ferry back to Islay.

I do have to say: the initial drive in, from the ferry to the town of Craighouse was just spectacular. One of the more scenic and beautiful drives we’ve done.

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