Scotland, Day 9: Victorian Market, Clava Cairns, Old High St. Steven’s, Malt Room Revisited

One thing that’s taken some adjusting: not using the term “takeout” and instead using the term “takeaway.” Despite the fact that I am, technically, an employee of Just Eat Takeaway… it’s still a hard thing to remember.

Spotted this fine gent, having a bit of takeout takeaway, in the nearby parking lot.

The Victorian Market at Inverness reminded me a great deal of the various galleries in Paris.

Exploring the Clava Cairns.

Liz, doing her best Outlander impression.

We took a random road on our way back to the city, and it was one of the most enjoyable moments so far. Small roads, lots of small houses and farms.

Looking back, I absolutely love everything about driving in Scotland – particularly outside of the main cities. Getting lost and wandering around, I could have done this for hours on end.

Prior to dinner, we spent some time at Old High St. Steven’s.

We enjoyed out time at the Malt Room so much, we ended up coming here before and after our dinner.

We lucked out on our second night, as Charlotte was working again. And we were able to benefit from her recommendations once more.

Charlotte ended up suggesting a 24 year old Glen Dronach from 1994, which was absolutely delicious. Hands down one of the best drams we’ve had so far on our trip, and incredibly memorable.

We also learned tonight that The Malt Room had just won 2021 Whisky Bar of the Year from the Scottish Bar & Pub Awards. Which for us felt proper, given how incredibly knowledgable and attentive Charlotte was to us, our two nights there.

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