Suddenly, Smoke

I had the wherewithal to remember to set our water heater to “Vacation” mode, while we were away in Scotland.

A story I didn’t share yet: the night we returned home, I turned the water heater back up to its normal temperature. And a few minutes later… I started getting whiffs of smoke from upstairs.

I ran downstairs to find the basement a bit hazy, and it took me a long while before I could identify where the smoke was coming from. Eventually, I found that it was coming from the top of our water heater.

I removed some crispy debris near the vent, but something big-ish fell down the vent as I was trying to clear the top of it. I’m not sure if it was a small animal, or the nest of a small animal… but it was something.

The water is heating up fine, the water heater itself seems unaffected. But since our return, whenever the thing runs… the smell is still there (albeit a little faded each time).

I think something fell down to the burner, and my sense is the only recourse we have is to just let it burn away as much as possible. It’s stil not quite entirely gone, but definitely less present (and concerning) since the first night back.

Talk about a nice welcome home.

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