The Squirrel and I, We Surprised One Another

The last few days, Liz and I have heard a low, distant rumbling sound in the mornings. After some time, we realized it was a group of squirrels running around the roof of our house, near the top of our chimney.

We’ve heard them before, leaping from our roof to the neighbor’s roof. But this was a different sound, closer to the top and center of our house.

Well today… we heard the sound of debris falling down our chimney. Then a little more. Then a LOT. And then a big thud.

I ran downstairs to find a squirrel, a little alarmed, a little stunned, standing right in front of our fireplace. Standing in a small pile of sooty brick that tumbled down the chimney with him. The chimney was working like some kind of terrible, dirty slot machine… and this guy was our prize.

I called Liz down, and we were able to keep him in the East side of the house. But before we could open up the kitchen door for him to run out, he bolted down the basement stairs (poor guy slipped and did a kind of head over heels tumble down the stairs).

Liz and I were able to position ourselves to prevent him from going back upstairs… and eventually got the basement door open, and watched him escape back outside.

I guess we really need to do something about those squirrels on the roof, now.

[photo via Külli Kittus]

Signs of Squirrel

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