Screen Repair

This week, we’ve been working on resuming “house work” after work. After our return from our Scotland vacation, most of our time has been spent getting reacclimated to work again (and our WFH lifestyle).

This week… we’ve been trying to pick up a bit on the house tasks. Trying to redefine the boundary where work ends, and doing some things to progress the house along.

While I did a lot of Asana and planning work, Liz was busy in the basement. In addition to her work refinishing a window… Liz also worked on repairing our front screen door (which has had a hole in it for what feels like forever).

She was going to do this as a surprise. But I came down to visit, and saw what was going on (to my great surprise). Here she is, doing her best Rosie the Riveter.

Screen Door, Tile Floor

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