Dinner with the Denlers

This is a photo I didn’t take, of our dinner in the suburbs with Uncle David, Aunt Beth, and cousin Lauren.

For our Scotland trip, David and Beth were kind enough to loan us a special suitcase that’s designed to transport bottles safely. They used it for their previous trip to Scotland, and it was a great aid in getting our bottles from Scotland back to the States securely.

The suitcase is basically a strong shell, containing a ton of foam inside that’s set up to protect a total of 12 bottles. We brought a bit more than 12 back with us, but this suitcase prevented us from having to try to pack everything in our clothes/luggage.

While overseas, we also kept an eye out for a few bottles that David was looking for… and brought those back with us. So in addition to returning the suitcase tonight, we had a few other “gifts” to give.

The five of us had a fine time eating takeout ramen/sushi, and also talking at length about Scotland (where Lauren lived and went to graduate school). It was nice to get a bit in depth about things, as they also traveled there as well.

We brought some whisky with us to share, and we also got to taste a few things from their collection. And David opened up one of the Macallans that we got for him, which was a treat.

Being around other fans of Scotch whisky, and also fellow travelers to Scotland made for a fun evening. And made me wish we could go back, even though we just returned from a vacation not two weeks ago.

Even today, every now and again, I’ll daydream a little about driving and getting lost in the Scottish countryside. Fun night, reliving memories of Scotland.

Christiana Lakehouse, Day 1
Christiana Lakehouse, Day 2
Christiana Lakehouse, Day 3

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