The Priest

I’m not sure how to describe this video. It’s a kind of portrait, and also a kind of poem. It’s based on characters that Joe Gallagher met, while he was homeless in Edinburgh, around 2015.

With music by Johny Marr, voiced by Maxine Peake, and featuring actress Molly Windsor… I found myself absolutely drawn in.

I’m reminded an awful lot of The United States of Poetry. And I think that’s a big part of what draws me to this kind of storytelling.

A big draw: the video is really well shot and just incredibly well framed. I’m not a film person at all, and I’m noticing how well all the shots are framed. If that tells you anything.

I didn’t think much of the video on my first viewing. But found myself returning to it, and seeing more of the theme play itself out in the story. There’s the intial movement away from temptation and the carnal (drugs), but I didn’t catch the later suggestion of the confessional until my second view:

His mates have ditched him.
He’s missed his train home.
And he wants to talk.
I want to sleep.
It’s gonna be a long night.

// Edit: I also re-discovered Whitman, Alabama, after looking over old blog posts. What an absolutely wonderful project that was/is.

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