Covering the Hallway

Liz had a change of plans today, and she ended up coming back home… suiting up, and spending more time on the windows.

After a lot of attempts and restarts, here she is with her first successful window pane, re-installed and set with putty.

Liz has been cutting the glass pieces herself (as most of the original windows were too scratched up to salvage). Additionally, working with the putty was a new thing for her – and it took a lot of attempts to figure out the ideal consistency to work with it. And to get the prcise, beveled edges needed.

Me, I was doing less precision work and more grunt work upstairs. I threw down some soundproof insulation in the floor… and measured up some plywood to cover things over.

Navigating the large bit of plywood solo was a little tricky, but I did manage to get the hang of it. I only had to haul it up here a few times, after hauling it back downstairs to do refinement cuts. Turned out pretty ok.

It got close to 5PM, and when Liz and I chatted… we debated calling it, or continuing working. We both decided to press on, so I ended up measuring and cutting a second board for the floor.

The first plywood board also was starting to separate a little… so I thew in some wood glue, and put down a lot of weight in the middle to try to keep it closed.

A long day, but productive.

Priming the Hall Windows
Prepping the Upstairs Hall

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