Halloween Shopping

Happy to say that Liz and I are on top of Halloween this year. And are getting prepared, ahead of time.

Each year, I tend to drag my feet and ho and hum about Halloween. I used to really get into the holiday, and the last few years… I’m not sure what it is. It’s been harder to get excited by it. I used to love it, and it’s been difficult to recapture that sense of wonder.

It tends to pop back up the night before Halloween, which is good and bad.

This year, though, Liz and I are working on something together. And it’s going to be a fun time. It’ll be nice to have a together project that isn’t related to the house (and slightly less high-stakes than the arbor).

For now, photos of the spoils. There’s a part of me that looks at all this, and still thinks we don’t have enough.

Oh, Chute: Halloween, 2020
A White Halloween in Hyde Park

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