Charly Bliss: Truth

I’ve been revisiting Charly Bliss and their album Young Enough lately. I’d forgotten how much I liked a lot of the songs on this album (and just how amazing/surprising the lyrics are, against the pop of the music).

Hearing this performance makes me think they’ve got to be an impressive act to watch, live.

Kissing babies
I’m alive but I’m dead inside
Burying my face against the wall
Silent scathing smile
The family planning aisle
I can feel my sanity dissolve

Hendricks’ voice feels like an acquired taste to me, but I also think I’ve definitely acquired it. Her voice mixes directly into what I think of when I think of the band: energetic, poppy hooks that belie some incredibly personal and dark words that you might miss if you’re not paying attention.

Charly Bliss: Blown to Bits

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