Bad Tally

So here’s the thing. In the mornings, I change out the bunny litter. And in the evenings, I have to chase down Daisy so that I can give her her medication. Both steps involve me unlocking the bunny gate, and wandering around inside.

And usually, I lock things up after I’m done. Usually.

A while back, I gave Liz some grief when I found that she had left the gate unlocked. We’re lucky whenever this happens, as the bunnies don’t tend to push their way out.

Lately, Liz has documented several times where I’ve left the gates… open, shall we say. Enough that last night, I walked into the kitchen to see this:

Given how far in the lead I am, I’m not sure when things will get even again.

To make matters worse – I forgot again this morning. So this tally is already a bit outdated. Ugh.

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