Uncharted Trailer That Doesn’t Feature Nathan Fillion But Really Should Feature Nathan Fillion

I saw on Twitter today that there’s a trailer for a new Uncharted movie (based on the popular Uncharted video game).

It looks really slick and well produced, but… well, here. Take a look first and we’ll circle back.

The thing is: the instant I saw this, I thought to myself “But it’s not Nathan Fillion. How can there be an Uncharted movie and it’s not Nathan Fillion?”

Back in 2018, there was a fan film made starring Fillion as Nathan Drake (the main character from the Uncharted games). And it was fantastic. And it’s all I can think about now, because Fillion just really embodies Drake’s character to me – it’s hard to not imagine him in this role.

What a shame. They should have made this movie 5 years ago.

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