Head Down

Just a small note that it’s been a little busy at work, lately. Or rather – I’ve chosen to work a lot more, lately.

I’m leading a decently sized project, with a pilot launch date around mid-December. To that end, I’ve started to get a little stressed about the deadline, and this week (and the next) are critical weeks in terms of progress.

It’s funny in that crunch time isn’t the week prior to launch, but actually right around now: 4+ weeks before launch. We need time for QA and review and revisions, all of which means that things need to be closer to done now (ish).

We’ve been working on this initiative for several months now. And so far, we’ve been building a lot of separate, individual pieces. And it’s only just now that things are starting to get connected, pulled together.

This week and next: there’s a lot of weight to be lifted. But once that work is done, the remaining work (and the subsequent weeks) get markedly easier.

[photo via Kevin Ku]

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